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Shape of Love

2 stories in this volume: 1) Shape of Love A serious love found by seduction: "Hisa, you only have to look at me; think of me!!" Men who work in dissolute places, mostly have dark and dangerous pasts. Although bar girl Akasa Hisa knows the danger, she can’t help but fall in love. Can she too accept her boyfriend’s past..? 2) an*do Twin Star A story about a pair of twins who wants to be number one in Japan: Masami and Satomi might look the same but their personalities are complete opposites: While Satomi is the cool and confident beauty who draws all attention, the gloomy and insecure Masami finds herself wondering if she can ever set herself apart. Will an unexpected chance change them..?

Chapter name Scanlator Uploader Date added
Shape of Love

Alternative name(s)

an*do Twin Star
Shape of Love: Omizu de Mitsuketa Honki no Koi
A Serious Love Found by Seduction



Year of release



SAKOU Watari


SAKOU Watari


Shoujo, Romance, Drama, Smut


Japanese Manga



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