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Ren'ai Sousa

Vol. 1 1-3) Love Control I+II: Takashi Okumura hires Kei Yamashiro, an interior designer, to fix up his flat, but Yamashiro knows that Okumura did that only to play with him. He decides to accept Okumura's challenge, both in redecorating his flat and in make him fall in love with Yamashito, but the two have pretty strong personalities and both are intent on taking the lead and setting the pace of their relationship. Will Okumura's sweet talk or Yamashiro's pride win out in the end? 4) Near The Rainbow, And You (Oneshot): Cool and detached Seno Shiro receives a text message one day that says: "Find me, please find me, I'm at the end of the rainbow". He dismisses the message as a prank, but while walking home from work he happens upon a fountain that light up like a rainbow, and at the edge of it there sits a boy looking at his cell phone... Vol. 2 1-2) Love Control III: Yamashiro and Okumura are now a couple, but Okumura's job requires him to entertain various people. Is he really only being obliging or does he have an interest in other people besides Yamashiro? And why doesn't Okumura get jealous when handsome bartender Sasatani passionately pursues Yamashiro? 3-4) Love Control IV: Kei Ichinose has a business meeting in the Nebula Sinus-Jiri, and is completely taken by handsome and sexy bartender Nagi Sasatani. However, his evening doesn't go well when he first get drunk, then get sexually harassed by his business associate and then being rescued by none other than Sasatani himself, at which point he faints. When he tries to thank Sasatani for his help, he accidentally let it slip that he likes Sasatani, but Sasatani finds him boring... (Characters from Anata no Tonari ni Suwarasete make an appearance. Kei Yamashiro is the friend of Shinjin Takamiya, the chair designer.) Vol. 3 1) Love Control V (Sasatani and Ichinose) 2-3) Love And Health, Sweet Selfishness (Okumura and Yamashiro) 4) Please Spoil Me (Sasatani and Ichinose) 5) A Day's Dinner (All characters) Vol. 4 1) Love Control VI (Sasatani and Ichinose) 2) His Daily Life (About Okumura's secretary, Kousuke Shiki) 3-5) Nagi and Gameplay (All characters) 6) Short Distance Love (Sasatani and Ichinose)

Chapter name Scanlator Uploader Date added
Ren'ai Sousa Chapter 7 hazelnutcookies Feb 12, 2018
Ren'ai Sousa Chapter 6: ch01-03+extra Mar 1, 2010
Ren'ai Sousa Chapter 5 Aug 20, 2008
Ren'ai Sousa Chapter 4 Aug 26, 2008
Ren'ai Sousa Chapter 3 Aug 20, 2008
Ren'ai Sousa Chapter 2 hazelnutcookies Feb 19, 2018
Ren'ai Sousa Chapter 1 Aug 20, 2008
Ren'ai Sousa

Alternative name(s)

Ren'ai Sousa
Love Control
Love Operation
Renai Control





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Romance, Slice of Life, Drama, Yaoi


Japanese Manga



En Ren'ai Sousa
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