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Oyasumi Darling

1) Oyasumi Darling Student Kaname just wants to have fun, but his parents won't let him goof off. Staying away from home till they calm down, he barges in on Detective Shiba, a reluctant host who has insomnia. But when Kaname snuggles up to him, Shiba can't keep his eyes open. 2) Love Storm High school student Rin has horrible taste in boyfriends, they always take his money and the last one was abusive. So when he's rescued by Seiya, Rin's already decided to give up on love. Can Seiya change Rin's mind, even if the sweet seme is an elementary school student? 3) Unstoppable Seiya's father Takumi is a hospital director who loves to tease his live-in lover and super elite secretary Midori. But when a rich father and daughter decide to target Seiya and Takumi, how far will Midori have to go to keep his happy family? 4) I want happiness! Tatsuya promised his dying mother he would take care of his father and little brother. So when his careless father gets kidnapped by the mob for someone else's debt, Tatsuya has no choice but to make a trade for himself. Morita Kiyonobu hears Tatsuya say he will do anything for his father's freedom and decides to take him up on it... 5) Snow High class prostitute Shiki is the beloved of the young master of a rich family. But a cold snowy night and a mysterious rounin bring back memories Shiki has tried to forget.

Chapter name Scanlator Uploader Date added
Oyasumi Darling Chapter 18 Sep 13, 2017
Oyasumi Darling Chapter 7: Oyasumi Love Darling Nov 29, 2010
Oyasumi Darling Chapter 6: Threats of Uke to Seme Darling- Extra Aug 29, 2008
Oyasumi Darling Chapter 5: Snow Aug 29, 2008
Oyasumi Darling Chapter 4: I want happiness! Aug 29, 2008
Oyasumi Darling Chapter 3: Unstoppable Aug 29, 2008
Oyasumi Darling Chapter 2: Love Storm Aug 29, 2008
Oyasumi Darling Chapter 1: Oyasumi Darling Aug 29, 2008
Oyasumi Darling

Alternative name(s)

Goodnight Darling





Year of release



WADA Mayuko


WADA Mayuko


Comedy, Romance, Drama, Yaoi, Smut


Japanese Manga



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