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Otome Cake

From Lililicious: • Akai Kasa, Shiroi Kasa (Red Umbrella, White Umbrella) About two friends and their ideas about femininity. • Nuigurumi no Harawata (Stuffed Animals' Insides) A girl sees a friend (who also happens to be her crush) changing herself to attract the attention of a boy. • Michikusa (Weeds on the Wayside) A girl who's pretending she likes girls. • Tiger Lily An old woman remembers the past. A helpful bit of information: the two main characters are drawn as their younger selves even in the scenes that take place in the present. • Short Cut If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then the main character of Takahashi Mako's "Short Cut" is certainly being paid a great compliment... unfortunately, she doesn't see it that way. • Koorizatou no Kakera (Splinters of Rock Candy) A girl worries over what to get her friend. • Natsu no Mayu About a girl who admires her friend. Also deals with coming-of-age issues a bit. • Sandals A girl has crush on her best friend. • Kanojo no Tonari (Next to Her) The main character fixates on her boyfriend's ex. • Otome Cake (Maidens' Cake) Two girls share a "wedding cake."

Chapter name Scanlator Uploader Date added
Otome Cake Chapter 10: Maidens' Cake Mar 27, 2009
Otome Cake Chapter 9: Next to Her Mar 27, 2009
Otome Cake Chapter 8: Sandals Jul 8, 2008
Otome Cake Chapter 7: Natsu no Mayu Jul 8, 2008
Otome Cake Chapter 6: Splinters of Rock Candy Jun 15, 2009
Otome Cake Chapter 5: Short Cut Jul 8, 2008
Otome Cake Chapter 4: Tiger Lily Mar 27, 2009
Otome Cake Chapter 3: Weeds on the Wayside Mar 27, 2009
Otome Cake Chapter 2: Stuff Animals' Insides Mar 27, 2009
Otome Cake Chapter 1: Akai Kasa, Shiroi Kasa Jul 8, 2008
En Otome Cake
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