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Mezase Hero!

V1 - Newbie detective Kashima Toranosuke (Tora-chan) always dreamt of being a 'hero'. That's why he worked so hard to become a detective. Now that his dream has been realized, he is partnered with Detective Mahori Koudai (Dai-san), who just happened to quit working in headquarters and decided to go back to work in the precinct. Then all of a sudden, Dai-san steals a kiss from Tora, but Tora knows that there's more going on between Sagara-kanrikan and Dai-san than what they are letting on... or is there?! V2 - Nobunaga of the police SWAT team falls in love at first sight with the elite police headquarters director Sagara. Single-mindedly, he pursues the formidable Sagara. Then unexpectedly, Sagara turns the tables on him with a daring invitation: "I can't sleep unless I have sex. Aren't you interested in this body? I'll give you free rein!" What will Nobunaga do? Meanwhile, the upright rookie detective, Toranosuke, is still in a stalemate with his dependable senpai, Dai-san. Will they ever move forward to the next level? Will these fine officers finally have their happily ever after?

Chapter name Scanlator Uploader Date added
Mezase Hero! Chapter 5 Aug 21, 2008
Mezase Hero! Chapter 4 Aug 21, 2008
Mezase Hero! Chapter 3: Extra : Hot Spring Jan 4, 2010
Mezase Hero! Chapter 2.5: a man of many requests Mar 30, 2009
Mezase Hero! Chapter 2.4: extra [end] Oct 21, 2008
Mezase Hero! Chapter 2.3 Oct 14, 2008
Mezase Hero! Chapter 2.2 Oct 4, 2008
Mezase Hero! Chapter 2.1 Oct 4, 2008
Mezase Hero! Chapter 2 Aug 21, 2008
Mezase Hero! Chapter 1 Aug 21, 2008
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