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Love Love

Shiori just got a letter from Riichi. They were childhood friends up until he kissed her and left for America, and the thought of that jerk coming back has her so distracted that she gets caught in a wave and almost drowns! She would've died, too, if it weren't for that mysterious boy with a tattoo... He cut himself so badly to save her, and he left her with the kind of ring a boy would give to his girlfriend--but she never saw his face. Later in the day, Shiori spies a hot pro surfer from America... named Riichi! He's back, and he still wants to date Shiori, did he get that terrible cut...? -- ShoujoMagic

Chapter name Scanlator Uploader Date added
Love Love Chapter 6: Omake Mar 23, 2008
Love Love Chapter 5: Story #3 - CShock Mar 23, 2008
Love Love Chapter 4: Story #2 - An Insolent Romance Mar 23, 2008
Love Love Chapter 3 Mar 23, 2008
Love Love Chapter 2 Mar 23, 2008
Love Love Chapter 1.2 Mar 23, 2008
Love Love Chapter 1.1 Mar 23, 2008
Love Love

Alternative name(s)

love love かぽりんの誘惑キッス1
Love Love (MIYASAKA Kaho)
Love Love - Kaporin's Temptation Kiss 1
Love, Love - Kaporin no Yuuwaku Kissu 1






Miyasaka Kaho


Miyasaka Kaho


Shoujo, Romance, Drama


Japanese Manga



En Love Love
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