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Konna Otoko ni Dare ga Shita

1) Who Made Him Such a Man? When a young dashing teacher visits his pupil's home, he encounters his old classmate who disappeared on him one night, and has now reappeared as his student's debt collector (continuation in chapter 4 of Special Summer Vacation). 2) 37°C A friendly pharmaceutical salesman visits the room of a doctor who caught the flu. The doctor buys medicine in return for the salesman's sexual service. But the salesman turns out to be an old acquaintance... 3) Costly Ecstasy An office worker who got downsized is picked up by a street-smart university student and gets an image overhaul. He tries to take revenge on his old colleague who stole his girlfriend, but the colleague turns out to be a lot more than just that... 4) Black Door The antisocial student who has a somewhat demonic nature is confined in a room by a seemingly good-natured teacher who decides to commit suicide. With this teacher's so strong obsession, the student forgets his hatred for society... * The title of this book comes from the old japanese popular song, "Hoshi no Nagare ni" in 1947, soon after the end of the World War II, when many women became whores because of poverty. They compare their frail destiny with the falling stars and ask who made them dirty women like whores ("Konna Onna ni Dare ga shita" - War always distresses weak people, children and women).

Chapter name Scanlator Uploader Date added
Konna Otoko ni Dare ga Shita Chapter 4: Vol 01Black Door (Kuroi Tobira) Nov 10, 2018
Konna Otoko ni Dare ga Shita Chapter 3: Vol 01Costly Ecstasy Nov 10, 2018
Konna Otoko ni Dare ga Shita Chapter 2: Vol 0137°C Nov 10, 2018
Konna Otoko ni Dare ga Shita Chapter 1: Vol 01Who Made Hime Such A Man? Nov 10, 2018
Konna Otoko ni Dare ga Shita

Alternative name(s)

Who Made Him Such a Man





Year of release



KANO Shiuko


KANO Shiuko


Drama, Yaoi, Mature, Smut


Japanese Manga



En Konna Otoko ni Dare ga Shita
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