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Cant Lose You

Can't Lose You is the story of two characters who come from opposite worlds, united by the most unlikely of circumstances: Yooi is a desperate but honest girl working day and night, scraping pennies in hopes of paying off her father's debts. Lida is a vain and dominating woman, born into privilege and decadence, the heiress to an unbelievable fortune and engaged to a perfect man, though he isn't enthusiastic to say the least. But when the two girls meet they discover that they are astonishingly completely identical. Lida offers Yooi the chance of a lifetime: to become her double for a while. No sooner does Yooi accept the irresistible offer than she finds herself in over her head, chased by assassins and falling for Lida's fiancé who has taken a liking to her as well. But spells never last forever and it's only a matter of time before Lida returns. How can Yooi possibly tell the man she loves that she's an impostor, much less let him go? How will Lida react when she discovers what has been done in her absence? And finally, how is it possible for the two to be identical to begin with? A fast-paced drama about the threads that bind us, restrain us, and hold us together.

Chapter name Scanlator Uploader Date added
Cant Lose You Chapter 6 Nov 25, 2014
Cant Lose You Chapter 5 Nov 25, 2014
Cant Lose You Chapter 4 Nov 25, 2014
Cant Lose You Chapter 3 Nov 25, 2014
Cant Lose You Chapter 2 Nov 25, 2014
Cant Lose You Chapter 1 Nov 25, 2014
Cant Lose You Chapter 0: Vol 006 Nov 18, 2016
Cant Lose You

Alternative name(s)

Can't lose you for the world










Shoujo, Romance, School Life, Drama


Japanese Manga



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