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Every good thing in Naoya Kamitani's life comes with a catch: He managed to get into a prestigious university... missing the fine print that he'll be sacrificed to appease dark beings. When he arrives at the school, he immediately runs into a man with all the answers... who never tells him the whole truth. A rather pretty girl wants him all to herself... as her dinner. He gains the favor of the richest, most influential girl in school... and she's a total sadist. He even finds out he has a daughter... who sets fire to everything when she gets excited. Will Naoya come out on top? It's a long road ahead of him..

Chapter name Scanlator Uploader Date added
Baketeriya Chapter 23: Youkai Decisive Battle At The Peak (Part 3) [End] Oct 3, 2013
Baketeriya Chapter 22: Youkai Decisive Battle At The Peak (Part 2) Aug 23, 2013
Baketeriya Chapter 21: 21st Haunting: Youkai Decisive Battle At The Peak (Part I) Jun 22, 2013
Baketeriya Chapter 20: 20th Haunting: Youkai Japanese History (Part 2) Jun 8, 2013
Baketeriya Chapter 19: 19th Haunting: Youkai Japanese History (Part 1) Apr 6, 2013
Baketeriya Chapter 18: 18th Haunting: Youkai Make-Up Exam Mar 14, 2013
Baketeriya Chapter 17: 17th Haunting: Youkai Dilemma Jan 26, 2013
Baketeriya Chapter 16: 16th Haunting: Parent-Child Conference Jan 19, 2013
Baketeriya Chapter 15: 15th Haunting: Youkai Child Psychology Jan 12, 2013
Baketeriya Chapter 14.5 Jan 2, 2013
Baketeriya Chapter 14.005 Oct 25, 2014
Baketeriya Chapter 14: 14th Haunting: Youkai Bon Holidays Dec 30, 2012
Baketeriya Chapter 13: 13th Haunting: Youkai Religious Studies Dec 9, 2012
Baketeriya Chapter 12: 12th Haunting: Youkai Psychology Nov 23, 2012
Baketeriya Chapter 11: 11th Haunting: Youkai Happiness Theory Nov 20, 2012
Baketeriya Chapter 10: 10th Haunting: Youkai Sleepover Nov 19, 2012
Baketeriya Chapter 9: 9th Haunting: Youkai Special Class Nov 10, 2012
Baketeriya Chapter 8: Haunting 8: Youkai Goukon Oct 26, 2012
Baketeriya Chapter 7: 7th Haunting: Youkai Social Studies Field Trip (Part 2) Oct 19, 2012
Baketeriya Chapter 6: 6th Haunting: Youkai Social Studies Field Trip (Part 1) Oct 5, 2012
Baketeriya Chapter 5: 5th Haunting: Youkai Collecting Sep 21, 2012
Baketeriya Chapter 4: 4th Haunting: Youkai High-Society Party Sep 15, 2012
Baketeriya Chapter 3: 3rd Haunting: Spirit Orientation 3 Sep 15, 2012
Baketeriya Chapter 2: 2nd Haunting: Spirit Orientation 2 Sep 15, 2012
Baketeriya Chapter 1: 1st Haunting: Spirit Orientation Sep 15, 2012

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Supernatural, Comedy, Romance, Seinen, Drama, Horror, Ecchi


Japanese Manga



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18 days (may not be precise)

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