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Atsuize Tenma!

Tenma is a Middle Schooler who loves playing Mahjong. He doesn't know exactly why, but the freedom it brings him fills his chest with pride. One day, his friends run into some trouble with University Students from Kantou, and it's up to Tenma to save the day! Also has 1 Volume (Collector's Edition) called "Tetsu to Tenma" (Including "Atsuize! Tenma" and "Burai na kaze Tetsu" in a single volume).

Chapter name Scanlator Uploader Date added
Atsuize Tenma! Chapter 6 Aug 29, 2013
Atsuize Tenma! Chapter 5: Tenma vs Satsuma Aug 27, 2013
Atsuize Tenma! Chapter 4: Tenma vs Jinnai the Shark Aug 27, 2013
Atsuize Tenma! Chapter 3: Tenma vs Akachi Aug 27, 2013
Atsuize Tenma! Chapter 2: Tenma vs Hongou Aug 27, 2013
Atsuize Tenma! Chapter 1: Tenma vs Yoshii Aug 27, 2013
En Atsuize Tenma!
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