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Akutou II

This collection of five short stories illustrate how the author's drawings have changed through the years: 1) Akuma no Kuchibiru Eri was being harrassed on the streets by her ex-boyfriend Yuji. Out of nowhere, Kei came to her rescue but then he suddenly forced her to kiss him!! Ever since that day, Eri has not been able to forget that passionate kiss. One day, Eri met Kei again at her workplace. Unknowingly, Eri fell in love with him...!! 2) Green Apple Romance She knew him in middle school, and finally transferred to his high school to an unfriendly welcoming. 3) Bad Kozo Doki Friends, Delinquents, Schemers, Lovers. 4) Mitsumete Bike Boy Senya decides to confess to her sempai on his graduation day. 5) Jungle Boy As Nao is late to school, she's taken along for a ride on a rope with Aso, almost smashing into a window!

Chapter name Scanlator Uploader Date added
Akutou II Chapter 7 Jul 25, 2012
Akutou II Chapter 5: End - Jungle Boy Jun 16, 2008
Akutou II Chapter 4: Mitsumete Bike Boy Jun 16, 2008
Akutou II Chapter 3: Bad Kozo Doki Jun 16, 2008
Akutou II Chapter 2: Green Apple Romance Jun 16, 2008
Akutou II Chapter 1: Akuma no Kuchibiru Jun 16, 2008
Akutou II

Alternative name(s)

Akuma no Kuchibiru
Akutou II Jungle Boy
悪党 2 悪魔の口唇
Scoundrel 2 - Devilish Lips
Mitsumete Bike Boy
Green Apple Romance
Akutou II
悪党 II
Bad Kozo Doki



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Shoujo, Romance, School Life


Japanese Manga



En Akutou II
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