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They're Not Kissing and a Cat Manga

By Lunar Ageha Scans: Hee-Yul Yoon has just moved back from America to Korea with her sister, Suh Hee Yoon. She is determined to deal with her hard past by leaving behind her aunt, uncle and her friend Ricky Ha. After buying a pack of cigarettes she bumps into a handsome boy. And then all of a sudden he kisses her! Who is this annoying bastard and what's his deal?! You had better believe that our heroine Hee-Yul will get to the bottom of this!

Chapter name Scanlator Uploader Date added
They're Not Kissing and a Cat 3 Jun 8, 2011
They're Not Kissing and a Cat 2 Sep 24, 2011
They're Not Kissing and a Cat 1 Mar 1, 2011
They're Not Kissing and a Cat

Alternative name(s)

키스에 미친놈과 담배피는 고양이
Con mèo và điếu thuốc<
Kiss, and Smoking in the Psycho Cat<




Han Yu-rang


Han Yu-rang


Shoujo, Comedy, Romance, Drama


Japanese Manga



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