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Sore wa, Nigai, Chocolate Manga

Collection of short stories: 1. Kemono Renairon 2. Karakuchi Kakumei Natsui has always liked the chairman of the student council, Kazuki Oda. But ever since a long time ago, she's been bad at dealing with people. She easily gets nervous, and, to hide her embarrassment, always puts on a hard face. So how will she be able to make her feelings reach her admired Oda-kun?! 3. Sore wa, Nigai, Chocolate. Yuri hates to be alone, so she'll spend time with any guy who comes along. Chiyo Kyosuke, a teacher at her school, finds this behavior repulsive, but Yuri seems to have fallen in love with him all the same. 4. Eien no "Suki" ga Hajimaru Hi

Chapter name Scanlator Uploader Date added
Sore wa, Nigai, Chocolate 1: Oneshot duchess Sep 27, 2010
Sore wa, Nigai, Chocolate 0 Nov 22, 2011
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