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Real PG Manga

Motoba Hitachi has lived a boring high school life, until his kouhai invited him to a real-life simulation event of Incubate Castle, an online game they both played. But, what seemed like a harmless replication of the game turned out to be as real as it could get. Now, Hitachi must find allies to get out and survive this reality of a game.

Chapter name Scanlator Uploader Date added
Real PG 15: Final Stage: Please Become My Eternal Angel Apr 10, 2013
Real PG 14: Stage XIV: Break Free of This! Feb 13, 2013
Real PG 13: Stage XIII: That is the Naivety of Kids Jan 11, 2013
Real PG 12: Stage XII: Young People Are Weak Jan 3, 2013
Real PG 11: Warriors of the Purgatory Dec 10, 2012
Real PG 10: Stage X: Life Is Precious! Don't Interfere With It! Dec 2, 2012
Real PG 9: Guardians of the Borderline Jul 18, 2012
Real PG 8: I Have to Pull Myself Together Jun 26, 2012
Real PG 7.005 Oct 26, 2014
Real PG 7 May 17, 2012
Real PG 6: Let This Body Recieve the Pain of the Real May 12, 2012
Real PG 5: No One Can Stop Senpai Anymore! May 12, 2012
Real PG 4: I'll Make A Righteous Miracle! Apr 12, 2012
Real PG 3: A Strong-Willed Ally Feb 10, 2012
Real PG 2: I'll Break The Contradictions Feb 6, 2012
Real PG 1 Feb 6, 2012
Real PG

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Shounen, Fantasy, Mystery, Adventure, Action, Ecchi


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28 days (may not be precise)

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