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Nikushokujuu no Table Manner Manga

Quirky romantic tales of Mizusawa twin brothers and their loves. 1-2. Kiss, Syrup Mizusawa Ryou's story. Ryouji is constantly being mistaken for his brother by his brother's current boyfriend and consequently get into fistfights. The neighbor Kishida underneath the Mizusawa twins' apartment is sick and tired of hearing the loud banging noises coming from upstairs, so he goes up to confront them... 3. Carnivorous Animal's Table Manners Andou is intrigued by Mizusawa Satoshi, a seemingly elegant yet cold senpai, but he's someone to avoid. Yet somehow he finds himself in a restaurant with Mizusawa at his side. He soon discovers Mizusawa stopped eating meat a long time ago ... why? 4. Just Between You and Me (part 1) Ookouchi is a graphic designer who constantly gets hit on by female colleagues... unfortunately for them, he's a "bona-fide gay". While stopping by the office one day, he meets Mita, a straight forward guy who he starts to fall for. Maybe Mita is interested in him as well? .... or perhaps, the way Mita acts is not because he is gay as well, but for a completely different reason! 5. Just Between You and Me (part 2) Ookouchi and Mita must work out their feelings, for each other and for other romantic interests. 6. Spring Fingertips A story of two childhood friends - one who is very kind but slightly dense, and the one who is in love with the other. When the second finally decides to confess, how will things work out?\ Extras

Chapter name Scanlator Uploader Date added
Nikushokujuu no Table Manner 6 Sep 2, 2013
Nikushokujuu no Table Manner 5 Sep 2, 2013
Nikushokujuu no Table Manner 3: Carnivorous Animal's Table Manners Apr 18, 2009
Nikushokujuu no Table Manner 2: Kiss Syrup Jun 3, 2009
Nikushokujuu no Table Manner 1: Kiss Syrup (1) Apr 18, 2009
Nikushokujuu no Table Manner

Alternative name(s)

Carnivorous Animal's Table Manners



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Drama, Yaoi


Japanese Manga



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