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Momoiro Heaven! Manga

Momoko is not your average high-school girl. In order to support her family (her younger brother and her hospitalized mother), she works as a popular author! But she doesn't write just any books, she pens erotic novels! It's quite an exciting job, but for Momoko, it is one of high stress because, you see... she is a virgin! Fortunately she has a great imagination, and does very well for herself and her family. However, because of the nature of her work she must keep it a secret. Momoko's troubles begin when Inui Ranmaru, a popular super model and new transfer student at her school discovers her secret! In order to keep him from telling, Momoko becomes his slave?!

Chapter name Scanlator Uploader Date added
Momoiro Heaven! 26 Feb 27, 2015
Momoiro Heaven! 25: White Valentine Oct 26, 2014
Momoiro Heaven! 24: Secret Relationship Oct 26, 2014
Momoiro Heaven! 23: A Feeling of Harmony May 15, 2014
Momoiro Heaven! 22 May 15, 2014
Momoiro Heaven! 21: The Scoop's Effect Sep 8, 2013
Momoiro Heaven! 20 Aug 29, 2013
Momoiro Heaven! 19: Freed Slave?! Jan 2, 2013
Momoiro Heaven! 18: Precious Person Dec 25, 2012
Momoiro Heaven! 17: One Photo Dec 10, 2012
Momoiro Heaven! 16: First Shrine Visit of New Year Dec 3, 2012
Momoiro Heaven! 15: The Miracle of Christmas Nov 13, 2012
Momoiro Heaven! 14: Moe Moe Cultural Festival Nov 1, 2012
Momoiro Heaven! 13: Reminiscence of Fireworks Oct 8, 2012
Momoiro Heaven! 12: Dangerous Hostess Experience! Mar 22, 2012
Momoiro Heaven! 11: The Lost Virgin in Dreams!? Oct 4, 2011
Momoiro Heaven! 10: Life's First Love Letter Sep 24, 2011
Momoiro Heaven! 9 Jul 30, 2011
Momoiro Heaven! 8 Apr 27, 2011
Momoiro Heaven! 7: Operation Valentine Mar 18, 2011
Momoiro Heaven! 6: Get! Love Advice Feb 3, 2011
Momoiro Heaven! 5: My Life is Over! Personal Search Jan 6, 2011
Momoiro Heaven! 4: Dangerous Mixer! Dec 1, 2010
Momoiro Heaven! 3: First Try at Modeling! Oct 19, 2010
Momoiro Heaven! 2: Escape from the Outside!? Dec 4, 2010
Momoiro Heaven! 1: Love Slave? Dec 4, 2010
Momoiro Heaven!

Alternative name(s)

Apricot Heaven!
Pink Heaven!





Year of release







Shoujo, Comedy, Romance, School Life, Drama, Smut


Japanese Manga



Average Release Time

74 days (may not be precise)

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En Momoiro Heaven!
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