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I Love Her Manga

Hana, a 16 year old who's a bit of a tomboy, is dumped by her boyfriend when she moves to Sapporo after her parent's divorce. On her first night there, she comes across a young guy who is seemingly too ill to walk. He ends up collapsing on her and is quickly rushed to the hospital. As it turns out, he's Hiroto, her next door neighbor. The next day, when she goes to her new school for the first time, she finds out that he's actually a teacher and that he's the teacher of her class! With his out-going personality and friendly demeanor, he gets along with everyone, but she notices there's something a little different going on between him and Nishiwaki, a classmate of hers who the others write off as a "cold-hearted beauty." Hana always runs into him on her way to school, and as she gets to know him more, she finds herself falling for him! Things get even more messy when her boyfriend who broke up with her comes to Sapporo saying that he wants to give their relationship another shot!

Chapter name Scanlator Uploader Date added
I Love Her 22: [End] May 14, 2014
I Love Her 21 Sep 16, 2013
I Love Her 20 Aug 27, 2013
I Love Her 19 Aug 25, 2013
I Love Her 18 Aug 25, 2013
I Love Her 17 Aug 25, 2013
I Love Her 16 Aug 25, 2013
I Love Her 15 Dec 13, 2012
I Love Her 14 Jul 30, 2012
I Love Her 13 Mar 1, 2012
I Love Her 12 Mar 1, 2012
I Love Her 11 Feb 28, 2011
I Love Her 10 Dec 22, 2010
I Love Her 9 Sep 10, 2010
I Love Her 8 Aug 27, 2010
I Love Her 7 Jul 19, 2010
I Love Her 6 Jun 29, 2010
I Love Her 5 Jul 4, 2010
I Love Her 4 Jun 29, 2010
I Love Her 3 Jun 1, 2010
I Love Her 2 May 31, 2010
I Love Her 1 May 29, 2010
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