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Eternal Blue Manga

Lucia, the goddess of the Blue Star, dwells within a blue spire. She senses a calamity that will befall on Lunar (Earth) and has awoken because of it. She meets a boy by the name of Hiro who is very interested in legends and asks to be taken to meet Athena to give her powers to destroy the calamity. However, there are obstacles she must overcome as she gains some loyal comrades to fight the evil that is looming closer towards Lunar.

Chapter name Scanlator Uploader Date added
Eternal Blue 4 Jun 3, 2010
Eternal Blue 3 Jun 3, 2010
Eternal Blue 2 Jun 3, 2010
Eternal Blue 1 Jun 3, 2010
Eternal Blue




Fantasy, Adventure, Action


Japanese Manga



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