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Arachnid Manga

From Kirei Cake: Alice is a senior high school student who lives with an uncle that spends his time tormenting her everyday. One day, Alice witnesses the death of her uncle by the hands of an assassin called "Kumo" (Japanese for Arachnid). She then falls unconscious, and upon waking up, she finds out that she's in Kumo's house... Now, this Alice who no longer has any family is being raised by the assassin himself..!

Chapter name Scanlator Uploader Date added
Arachnid 30: There's No Way You'll Kill That Girl karasu87 Jan 8, 2014
Arachnid 29: I'll Have You Feel It All Over Your Body! Aug 24, 2013
Arachnid 28: I Can't Just Let Her Die Aug 24, 2013
Arachnid 27: It's Totally A Game This Way karasu87 Apr 25, 2013
Arachnid 26: The One Who Will Become A Slave Is You, Onee-chan! Jan 6, 2013
Arachnid 25: It's Progressing Just as Planned Oct 10, 2012
Arachnid 24: I am the True Kahen Rider! Oct 10, 2012
Arachnid 23: I am the Boss Sep 2, 2012
Arachnid 22: I Had Heard a Rumour Aug 12, 2012
Arachnid 21: Don't Misunderstand Aug 4, 2012
Arachnid 20: Verifying One's Reason is The Organization's Duty Jul 28, 2012
Arachnid 19: Anything Goes Jun 25, 2012
Arachnid 18: It's Not That Big an Issue Jun 25, 2012
Arachnid 17: You Wouldn't be a Murderer, Right? Jun 7, 2012
Arachnid 16: Wouldn't There be a Large Increase of Species in the Gallery? May 3, 2012
Arachnid 15: Waiting For Prey in the Middle of the Web May 2, 2012
Arachnid 14: To Me, You Are Necessary. Mar 1, 2012
Arachnid 13: Please Swear upon It Feb 29, 2012
Arachnid 12: Otherwise I Shall Kill You ghosty Jan 8, 2012
Arachnid 11: Turning Out Quite Well ghosty Jan 8, 2012
Arachnid 10: I Believe That There is No Other Way Than That Nov 3, 2011
Arachnid 9: I Won't Let Anything Get Taken Away Oct 24, 2011
Arachnid 8: Thank You Very Much Oct 20, 2011
Arachnid 7: Please, Don't Get Close To Me Oct 10, 2011
Arachnid 6: That is My Method of Survival Oct 10, 2011
Arachnid 5: Protecting You With All My Might Oct 10, 2011
Arachnid 4: For Your Sake... Oct 10, 2011
Arachnid 3: I Want To Kill People Oct 10, 2011
Arachnid 2: I Want To Return Oct 10, 2011
Arachnid 1: No Choice But To Kill Oct 10, 2011


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IFUJI Shinsen


Shounen, School Life, Drama, Action, Mature, Martial Arts


Japanese Manga



Average Release Time

39 days (may not be precise)

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